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Sophie Hackamore

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Product Details

* 8" Total length

* Stainless Steel Curb Chain and Hobble are included

This Hackamore was named after our best friend for you to use on yours! Our Sophie Hackamore has all the right feel, its weighted, the headstall ring is set back keeping the headstall away from the eyes, a lower set back stainless steel curb chain that enabling the curb to engage faster as well as a fixed chain hobble for more direct feel. Built on a Medium shank with a swept back curve and Stainless Steel nose band that is encased in a soft rubber tube. The balance this hackamore offers is incredible, as it stays centered and in place on the nose. It offers great whoa and can be placed high, middle or low on a horses nose depending the level of control you're needing. This Hackamore offers a side pull feel with incredible control combined with impressive lift and flex. Recommended to be placed in the middle of nose with a two finger space in curb chain when first using.

May require a shorter headstall or one with extra holes.

Typical wait time is usually a few days to a week but can vary.

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