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No Hit Bit Shorter Model

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Product Details

* 7" shank (inside rings)

* No Pinch

* Helps with shoulder and overall body control, collection, lift, bend and flex

* Offers a smooth gradual pull for the horse which will help keep their head level instead of elevated to get away from a harsh jerk or hit in their mouth hence the name No Hit Bit

* Headstall for Short No Hit Bit sold separately (regular headstall will not fit)

**Short shank is quicker to react and More Control versus the originalmodel that offers more of a delay when the bit engages **

The adjustable black rope should be snug under the jaw, this will Keep the bit away from the eyes and allow the bit to work on bottom of the horses mouth as well and not just as a gag. The long bars and independent slide action help stabilize the bit. The "No Hit Bit" is very balanced and forgiving to their mouth. Offering an instant release you get instant reward. Great for all levels and disciplines.

Typical wait time is usually a few days to a week but can vary.

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