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Classic Halo

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Product Details

* 7 1/2” Total length

* Bit Guards and Stainless Steel Curb Chain Included

This bit sends smooth but most importantly clear signals to your horse enabling them to learn better and faster. The small amount of gag collects your horse and adds suppleness making it great for teaching collection. When pressure is applied via the rein ring the mouthpiece is able to float in the mouth to give immediate relief when pressure is released. This action is taking a substantial amount of pressure off the mouth an allowing the curb chain to engage, this is then distributing the pressure evenly and enabling you to be softer on the mouth. Crafted with a short purchase for a quicker response, this bit is going to help horses in all aspects of their training and competition. It’s going to help them break at the poll, control shoulders, rib cage, hip, rate, vertical and lateral flexion.

* The longer shank (Classic Halo) is an excellent bit for a horse that has progressed in its training or competing. Offering more control for a hard runner or harder mouthed horse.

Typical wait time is usually a few days to a week but can vary.

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