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7 1/2" Ring Locked Lifter

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Product Details

* 7 1/2“ Total Length

* Bit Guards and Stainless Steel Curb Chain Included

* Even Ratio of Pressure

This is the Last Bit in our Ring Locked Lifter Series. With the mouthpiece fixed on ring sides it allows for a slight waring/delay of the bit before engaging. Featuring a longer purchase, this bit is slower to react than our 7” and applies more pressure to the poll. This bit is designed for lifting and controlling the shoulders, rib cage, and hip to allow the rider to keep the horse elevated and round. It works well for obtaining shoulder control on seasoned horse that needs help keeping their shoulder lifted going into the turns as well as rate. Horses that are harder mouthed usually respond well when lighter gag bits are not enough. This shank creates lateral flexion and provides hip control which allows the horse to maintain balance while keeping their shoulders elevated during turns. The longer shank is great for a hard runner that needs help shutting down for the turn or alley.

Typical wait time is usually a few days to a week but can vary

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