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6" Reverse Gag

In stock
Product Details

* 6” Total Length

* Bit Guards and Stainless Steel Curb Chain Included

* Even Ratio of Pressure

This is the Second bit in our Reverse Gag Series. It is a slight step up in control from our 5” Reverse Gag and a step down from our 7” Reverse Gag. This bit it great for that In-between control your looking for. The small amount of gag collects your horse and add's suppleness, making it great for teaching collection while also being softer on the mouth. Perfect for achieving lateral and vertical flexion, slight poll pressure, collection and gives an instant release. With the mouthpiece being hung forward (reverse) it produces a slight delayed response, but your horse does not get stuck behind leverage and will allow for more bend and flex.

*Typical wait time is usually a few days to a week but can vary.

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