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1 1/2" Gag Combo 2

In stock
Product Details

* 7" Total length

* 1 1/2" Gag

* Bit Guards and Stainless Steel Curb Chain Included

* Even Ratio of Pressure

This Combo features a high quality rope nose band that is hand tied with the knots passing through the outside of the shanks for your horses maximum comfort. Excellent bit for a horse that has progressed in its training or competing. When engaged it evenly distributes the pressure on the nose, bars, corners of the mouth, curb and poll at the same time. This bit aids in flexion and helps a rider to engage the horse’s hind end.The short gag action allows the rider to pick up a horse when needed, allowing for greater control. The Shanks have more bend and sweep back towards the shoulder to help encourage vertical and lateral flexion and will lift the shoulders.

Typical wait time is usually a few days to a week but can vary.

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